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Desi's Desk
A Hotel Scam that Can Catch You Off Guard
POSTED 8.26.14

COLUMBUS, OH – With many skating parties coming up the rest of this year, particularly Sk8-A-Thon where thousands of people head to Atlanta to partake in the festivities, travelers should be aware of the phishing scams out there that could turn your trip into a disaster.  I have firsthand experience with this, not with the consequences, mostly because I was forewarned.

When you check into your hotel after a long day of travel, the first thing you want to do when you get to your room is unwind.  So what do you do when your hotel room phone rings and the person on the other end says they are calling from the front desk and need to talk to you? They identify your room number and hotel name and inform you that your credit card transaction either did not go through or was lost due to a computer malfunction.  They continue by offering you two options, you can either come down to the front desk and fix the situation by bringing the credit card you registered with or you can give them your credit card information over the phone.  THIS IS A SCAM!  Once again, do not give your credit card information over the phone.  If you feel this might be real, go down to the desk and ask yourself. 

I received this phone call while staying in a hotel in Jackson, MS.  I told them I would go down to the front desk and clear up the matter.  I did not go that evening, I waited until the next morning at checkout.  The hotel confirmed that they did not have a glitch in their computer system and they did not call me.  Being forewarned is to be forearmed. 

Be careful and happy travels this week and every week.


New Party Announcement
Rolling on the Bluff
POSTED 8.31.14

MEMPHIS, TN – It is going to be three big days of celebration, October 17-19 in Memphis, TN.  The Rolling Wheels of Memphis is hosting its annual “Rolling on the Bluff” skate weekend.  Activities include a pre-skate jam, a skate workshop, an adult get acquainted cook-in and the main event.  There will be no Roll Call (but other skate specials will be on the agenda).  Skaters must be 20 or older to attend.  There is a new host hotel for 2014 so check the website for details. 
Rolling on the Bluff

5th Annual Rollin Royalty Affair
POSTED 8.18.14

CHARLOTTE, NC – The Queen City Rollaz invite you to roll over breast cancer at their 4th Annual Rollin’ Royalty Affair, October 3-5, 2014.  Kick it off Friday at the Meet and Greet and then wear your purple to Rollin Royalty night from midnight to 5 AM.  Saturday is the Meet and Greet “Play Me” edition with lots of games, food and a raffle for breast cancer.  Paint the rink pink Saturday night at the main event from midnight to 5 AM.  Sunday wrap it up at the skate finale from 8 Pm until 12 midnight.
5th Annual Rolling Royalty Affair

8th Annual Creep and Roll Skate Jam
POSTED 8.6.14

CLEVELAND, OH – Mom, Pop, Lisa and The Ohio Skaters are hosting their 8th annual Creep and Roll Skate Jam.  Saturday, October 25, roll with the national skate family at the Pla-Mor Skating Rink.  Music will be provided by the infamous DJ Wiz (yes, he’s baaaaack!) and DJ Keifer B of Ohio.  There will be a 50/50 raffle and a free food buffet.  Admission is only $10 and skates must be 18 or older to attend.
Creep and Roll Skate Jam

Texas Sk8 Fair Classic
POSTED 8.4.14

DALLAS, TX – Breast Cancer Awareness month is coming soon so plan to kick it off with a good roll, a classic football match and lots of fun.  October 3-4, 2014, O.D. and Randie will host the Texas Sk8 Fair Classic in Dallas.  The weekend includes a Free Style Friday with Karaoke, Open Mic and free food.  Saturday follows up with a Meet and Greet featuring Chanel Bracy of Ice Water Percussions and an All Girl  PINKaPaLooza fashion show to support the Susan G. Koman Foundation. For the sports enthusiast, check out the Grambling vs. Prairie View Football game with the Battle of the Bands at the Cotton Bowl.  Last but not least is the Main Event Skate Jam at Forum Roller World featuring DJ Wildchild and DJ Slave kicking off at 11:00 PM.  Admission is $12 in advance, $14 at the door.
Texas Skate Fair Classic

Bus Trip

Michigan Skaters Return to New Jersey
POSTED 5.7.14

DETROIT, MI – Are you a Michigan Skater interested in attending the Sunrise Skate Party in New Jersey, October 10-12, 2014? Do you want to take a break from driving and concentrate on having fun that weekend? The Detroit Rhythmic Rollers are hosting a bus from Detroit to Camden. The transportation package includes roundtrip transportation to New Jersey with refreshments; transportation to the hotel, meet and greet, skating, Atlantic City and admission to both skating sessions.
Bus Trip to Jersey


August 28-September 1, Atlanta, GA
19th Annual Joi's Sk8-A-Thon

September 6, Detroit, MI
William & Kim's Anniversary Skate Party

September 19-20, Louisville, KY
Kickin' It In The Ville

September 26-28, Richmond, VA
VSC 15th Annual Celebration

September 27, Cincinnati, OH
Ohio Roll Call

September 27, St. Louis, MO
4th Annual Rollin' for Backstoppers Skate Jam

September 27, Chicago, IL
Bigg Doug's Birthday Bash

Weekly & Monthly Jamz

Weekly Jamz
GA: Sparkles

Monthly Jamz
IL: 4th Sat
MD: 2nd & 4th Sun
NC: 1st Sat

19th Annual Joi's Sk8-A-Thon

ATLANTA, GA – It’s the weekend you’ve been waiting for all year . . . Labor Day Weekend in the ATL.  The entertainment lineup is as follows:  Thursday night, roll at Skatetowne with DJ FlyTy and DJ Jammin; Friday night, roll at All American with DJ Brian and DJ Soulnificent; Saturday, head to Sparkles or Cascade with DJ Joe Bowen or DJ Big Bob; Sunday roll at Golden Glide with DJ Narsistic and DJ Big Bob and then roll into the next week on Monday with DJ Brian and DJ Soulnificent.  See flyer for more information about additional featured DJs, additional activities and host hotel.

William and Kim's Anniversary Skating Party

DETROIT, MI – Skate and celebrate with William and Kim at their 2014 United We Skate, Anniversary and Skate Party, Saturday, September 6, 2014 at the Skatin Station.  William and Kim were married in 2009 and would like for the skate family to come and celebrate with them.  The party starts at Midnight and goes until 4:00 AM.  Skaters must be 21 or older to attend and admission is $12 in advance, slightly higher at the door.

Kickin' It In The Ville

LOUISVILLE, KY – The Louisville Rail Ridaz invite you to come and spend a weekend Kickin It In The Ville.  September 19-20, 2014, meet at AMF Rose Bowl and bowl with the best from 7 to 11pm.  Then get rolling with DJ Jay Biz on Friday night starting at 11:30 PM.  Saturday there will be a Picnic in the Park at George Rogers Clark Park starting at noon.  Saturday night follow up at the main event kicking off at midnight.  Music will be provided by ATL’s DJ Brian.  Admission is $13 in advance and $15 at the door.

Virginia Skate Connection 15th Anniversary Skate Weekend
POSTED 8.13.14

RICHMOND, VA – The Virginia Skate Connection is celebrating 15  years of rolling by inviting you to join them for a fun-packed weekend of food, dance and Roller Skating.  Friday, September 26 come dressed to impress at the VSC Anniversary Dinner featuring DJ G Nice and Chicago Steppin’.  Saturday, party Big Easy style at the Mardi Gras Meltdown at the Double Tree.  The weekend ends with the main event, the 15th Anniversary Skate Party featuring DJ Big Bob and DJ Brian.

Ohio Roll Call
POSTED 8.9.14

CINCINNATI, OH – Come represent your club and your city at the Ohio Roll Call Skate Jam.  Saturday, September 27, roll to the sounds of DJ Rob “Showtime” Hunter at the Skatin’ Place from 11:00 PM until 4:00 AM.  Ohio groups of 15 or more wearing the same shirts will receive discount admission and groups outside of Ohio with 10 or more wearing the same shirts will be discounted.  Admission is $13 and food will be served.

4th Annual Rollin' for Backstoppers Skate Jam and Bike Ride
POSTED 8.10.14

ST. LOUIS, MO – Come to the STL for a weekend of rolling fun on the road and on the wood.  STL’s Finest Skate Crew would like to invite you to join them at the 4th Annual Backstoppers Skate Jam¸ Saturday, September 27 from 9:00 PM until 1:00 AM.   Music will be provided by DJ Joe Bowen of Chicago. Do you have a love for motorcycling?  Register to ride in the Roll of Remembrance Memorial Bike Ride and be ready to roll at 10:45 AM.  Registration is at 9:00 AM and the entry fee is $25. 

Bigg Doug's Birthday Bash

PALATINE/CHICAGO, IL  Celebrate and skate with Bigg Doug at Orbit Skate Center, Saturday, September 27 in Palatine.  Music provided by The X and DJ DMC.  Doors open at 11:00 PM and food will be served.  Admission is $10 before midnight and more after that so get there early!


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Aug 26 – Latisha Brown, Detroit, MI
Aug 29 - Howard L. Jenkins – Avid Roller Skater and Skate Instructor since 1969, San Diego, CA
Aug 30 - SaWanus "Lady Swan" LeGrand-Fleming, Forest Park, GA (The Big 4-Oh)
Aug 30 - Tunisia Nichols, Virginia Skate Connection, Hampton, VA
Aug 31 - Cevelyne "Short Fuze" McCaulley, Dogg Pound Skate Crew, Huntsville, AL
Aug 31 - Gregory Allen, Midwest All-Stars, Milwaukee, WI

Sep 1 - Twiggy Skater - Skate 22, BBP - NY/NJ
Sep 1 - Jojo, Universal Madness Skate Team, Washington, DC
Sep 6 - Rita and Gwen, Northwest Rollers, Baltimore, MD
Sep 8 - Tracey aka Ms. Sexy, Da Unpredictablez, Washington, D.C.
Sep 10 – Ron, DC/MD
Sep 12 – Pooh, JB Elite, Flint, MI
Sep 13 – Babycakes, Butterflys-N-Unity, DC/MD
Sep 14 - Stan “Middle Man” Ferguson, Atl, GA
Sep 15 - Derrick "Turtle" Eason, Empire Refugee
Sep 15 - Ben Blume AKA 'Boo Boo', 50th, Baltimore, MD
Sep 15 - Tina Aka Lady T, Kitty Kat Ladies, Skate 22 Fam, Union, NJ
Sep 15 - Moxie!, Indianapolis, IN
Sep 17 - Trendsetta Rico Hill, TSC
Sep 18 - Nikki Bowens, Adrenalin Awards and Style Skaters TV Network, Washington, DC
Sep 18 - Rob Lynch, DC
Sep 19 - Latoyah aka Jonesy, Kitty Kat Ladies, Skate 22 Fam, Union, NJ
Sep 22 - Doarian aka French Vanilla, Milwaukee, WI
Sep 22 – MoCa, Butterflys-N-Unity, DC/MD
Sep 22 - Lady Lee, Pearlers of Distinction Skating Club, Columbus, OH
Sep 23 - Mike "Groove" Blackwell,, Columbus, OH
Sep 23 - Cathy Hawkins, “The Glam Squad” CA
Sep 26 - Ms Netta "The Whistle blower", Philly/S. Jersey
Sep 27 - Hosea, Northwest Rollers, Baltimore, MD
Sep 27 - Debra Mitchell, "Ms. St. Louis", Atlanta, GA
Sep 27 - Theresa (Ms. Tee) Jones, Detroit Rhythmic Rollers, Detroit, MI
Sep 27 - Hosea, Northwest Rollers, Baltimore, MD
Sep 29 - Michelle Wilson (Slim-Tall Drink)
Sep 29 - Kent A.K. Fresh, 704 Flyy Boyz, Charlotte, NC
Sep 29 - Tiffany aka "Sista Souljah", Fam Affair, Orlando, FL
Sep 30 - Andre "Drizzy" Poe, Columbus, OH
Sep 30 - Slyvella "Sly" Davis, Ohio Originators, Columbus, OH
Sep 30 - Mr. G, FunkySkatesProductions, ATL/NY

Oct 6 - Crystal "Chill" Kirk, Dayton, OH
Oct 6 - Angela Price, Atlanta, GA
Oct 7 - Medina Jones, Flint, MI
Oct 10 – CoCoa, Butterflys-N-Unity, DC/MD
Oct 11 - Cheron Henderson, Detroit, MI
Oct 16 - Eugene, Temple Hills Skating Center
Oct 17 - Jules DeShazor Thomas, Philly, PA (Big 3-0!)
Oct 17 – “Pretty Nikki”, Jacksonville, FL
Oct 18 - Everett Mims, Brooklyn, NY
Oct 21 - Cedrick "Ceddy Bear" Harrell - Detroit, MI

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