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Newz Updated: Thursday, August 25, 2016

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Flash Backwards Friday

The Birth of a National Skate Movement
POSTED 8.26.16

PHOENIX, AZ – As we embark upon the largest skate weekend of on the national scene, it is time that we take a moment to reflect on the past; the people we have met that have become family, the places we have been, and the skate moves we have learned.  With the good, came the bad; the obstacles that had to be overcome, the beloved rinks that have closed and the skate family members we have lost. 

We would not have had the opportunity to have all of these memories if there was no beginning to this thing that we are so passionate about;  this thing we do on the weekends from midnight until five in the morning, this thing that we consume as much as food and drink, this thing choose to lose so much sleep over.  Why?  Because it’s our skate night.

Joi and Vanessa

Left: Joi Stafford - Joi's Sk8-a-Thon, Atlanta
Right: Vanessa Poindexter - Skater's Edge, Chicago

In 1993 a young lady named Vanessa Poindexter in Chicago, IL, decided to reach out and invite people who shared her passion to converge across state lines.  Skaters from the Midwest states of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana came out to partake in what has become a phenomenal manifestation of love and fellowship rooted on eight wheels.

For this I say “Thank You Ms. Vanessa Poindexter”, and all of those who have followed your lead, for giving birth to a diverse national family of skaters who have continued to fan the joyful and passionate flames of rollerskating to future generations to come.

Dr. Tyrone Dixon
Dr. Tyrone Dixon

The history of the skate movement has been preserved by film producer and director Dr. Tyrone Dixon, whose work on the documentary “8 Wheels and Some Soul Brotha Music”, serves as one of the first audio/visual pieces that tells OUR story.  To view this documentary online, go to

Around Town

Shigeki Oki's US Skate Tour 2016
POSTED 8.17.16

2016 US Tour

TOKYO, JAPAN – Our favorite international skate brother is on his annual tour for 2016.  Shigeki Oki, aka “The Japanese Soul Skater” is ready to bounce and roll with you over the next few weeks.  If you see him at the rink, make sure you give him a big skate family hug.

New Party Announcement

17th Annual VSC Skate Jam
POSTED 8.22.16

RICHMOND, VA – Are you ready to roll with the Virginia skate family?  Saturday September 17, come on out to Richmond, VA and party with the Virginia Skate Connection.  The Meet and Greet takes place Saturday afternoon from 4:00 PM until 9:00 PM at the Henrico Recreation Center with music played by DJ Boss Lady. Then Saturday night it’s the main event at Rollerdrom Skate Center with DJ Arson “The Firestarter” from 11:00 PM unti 4:00 AM.  Admission is $15.
VSC Skate Jam

Beechmont Adult Skate Night
POSTED 8.21.16

CINCINNATI, OH – On September 17, roll Saturday night into Sunday morning at Beechmon Rollarena’s Adult Skate night.  Enjoy skating to the sounds of nationally known, DJ Narsistic of Columbus, from midnight until 4:00 AM.  Admission is only $10, skate rental extra.  Must be 18 or older to ender the building.
Beechmont Adult Skate Night

Tampa Soul Roll 2017 - The Weekend Bash
POSTED 6.15.16

TAMPA, FL – Take a break from the winter blues and head to sunny Tampa, FL in January 2017.  Roll for three nights the weekend of January 13-15 at three different rinks with DJ Fanatic and DJ Arson.  Other weekend activities include a Meet-N-Greet at the host hotel on Friday evening, a Get-Together at Rowlett Park and on Sunday, enjoy a free concert at the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival.  Book your room at the Tampa Marriott Westshore.
Tampa Soul Roll 2017

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September 1-5, Atlanta, GA
21's Annual Joi's Sk8-A-Thon

September 3-4, Sacramento, CA
Keep 5 Alive: ColLABORation Sk8 Jam

September 3-8, The Caribbean
6th Cruise Skate and Dance
Royal Caribbean

September 16-17, Louisville, KY
Kickin' it in the Ville

September 17, Richmond, VA
VSC 17th Anniversary

September 17, Cincinnati, OH
Adult Skate Night

Weekly & Monthly Jamz

Weekly Jamz
GA: Sparkles, Skatetowne
Monthly Jamz
NY: Super Saturdays

Joi's Sk8-A-Thon 2016

ATLANTA, GA – The event you have been waiting for is just around the corner.  Joi’s 21st Annual International Sk8-A-Thon is coming September 1-5.  Roll for five nights straight at ATL area rinks.  The DJ lineup includes DJ Fly Ty, DJ Spin, DJ Joe Bowen, DJ Wildchild, DJ Brian, Mz DJ Tone, DJ Big Bob, DJ Jammin, DJ Narsistic, DJ Soul and DJ Jammin.  Whew!  New this year, Ms. Peachie will be hosting her Silent Skate party at Skate Towne.  Admission is limited to the first 300 skaters so purchase your tickets as soon as possible.  Tickets can be purchased online through PayPal.  See flyer for additional information.   In addition to great skating to a fantastic crew of musical maestros, get your party on with DJ Wiggles at the Weston on Friday.  Saturday kicks off with a Pool Party followed by a White Linen party.  Later, enjoy a cookout at the Bransby YMCA with DJ Spin and guest DJs and round up the party with a Line Dance After Party with DJ Allusion.

5th Annual ColLABORation Sk8 Jam Weekend

–  Dine, dance and skate the weekend away, Labor Day Weekend 2016 at the 5th Annual ColLABORation Skate Jam.  Friday, September 2 enjoy a night of elegance at the Black and Gold Dinner and Dance.  Saturday afternoon, enjoy a cookout at Madera Park or shoot for strikes Strikes Unlimited Bowling Alley.  Saturday and Sunday night, get your roll on at Roller King.  Buy your tickets in advance for a discounted rate.  This is an adult only affair.

Aug 17 - Sabrina “Breez” Buchanan, Middletown, DE bwo Brooklyn, NY
Aug 18 - DJ Wiz, ATL bwo Brooklyn
Aug 20 - Ginene, ATL bwo NY‏
Aug 21 - Michelle "ME~" Noble, Bay Area, CA
Aug 21 – David Tate, Detroit, MI
Aug 22 – Ne Ne aka Tootsie Roll, Nu Generation, VA Smooth Rollers, Hampton Roads, VA
Aug 24 – 1st Ladi Pres, Chicago Ruff Ryder Rollers
Aug 26 – Latisha Brown, Detroit, MI
Aug 29 - Howard L. Jenkins – Avid Roller Skater and Skate Instructor since 1969, San Diego, CA
Aug 30 - SaWanus "Lady Swan" LeGrand-Fleming, Forest Park, GA (The Big 4-Oh)
Aug 30 - Tunisia Nichols, Virginia Skate Connection, Hampton, VA
Aug 31 - Cevelyne "Short Fuze" McCaulley, Dogg Pound Skate Crew, Huntsville, AL
Aug 31 - Gregory Allen, Midwest All-Stars, Milwaukee, WI

Aug 18 - Yogi White (Louisville RailRidaz) and LaTasha Marie "Shorty" White (Louisville Gurlz) of Louisville, Ky celebrating 9 years of marriage.

Aug 23 - Big John and Stacie, Former members of Good Time Rollers, Suitland, MD. Celebrating 13 years of marriage.

Sep 1 - Twiggy Skater - Skate 22, BBP - NY/NJ
Sep 1 - Jojo, Universal Madness Skate Team, Washington, DC
Sep 6 - Rita and Gwen, Northwest Rollers, Baltimore, MD
Sep 7 – Niecy Famble (57), Cincinnati, OH, Rolling for 50 years!
Sep 8 - Tracey aka Ms. Sexy, Da Unpredictablez, Washington, D.C.
Sep 10 – Ron, DC/MD
Sep 12 – Pooh, JB Elite, Flint, MI
Sep 13 – Babycakes, Butterflys-N-Unity, DC/MD
Sep 14 - Stan “Middle Man” Ferguson, Atl, GA
Sep 15 - Derrick "Turtle" Eason, Empire Refugee
Sep 15 - Ben Blume AKA 'Boo Boo', 50th, Baltimore, MD
Sep 15 - Tina Aka Lady T, Kitty Kat Ladies, Skate 22 Fam, Union, NJ
Sep 15 - Moxie!, Indianapolis, IN
Sep 17 - Trendsetta Rico Hill, TSC
Sep 18 - Nikki Bowens, Adrenalin Awards and Style Skaters TV Network, Washington, DC
Sep 18 - Rob Lynch, DC
Sep 19 - Latoyah aka Jonesy, Kitty Kat Ladies, Skate 22 Fam, Union, NJ
Sep 22 - Doarian aka French Vanilla, Milwaukee, WI
Sep 22 – MoCa, Butterflys-N-Unity, DC/MD
Sep 22 - Lady Lee, Pearlers of Distinction Skating Club, Columbus, OH
Sep 23 - Mike "Groove" Blackwell,, Columbus, OH
Sep 23 - Cathy Hawkins, “The Glam Squad” CA
Sep 24 - DJ Mama Mia, Indianapolis, IN
Sep 26 - Ms Netta "The Whistle blower", Philly/S. Jersey
Sep 27 - Hosea, Northwest Rollers, Baltimore, MD
Sep 27 - Debra Mitchell, "Ms. St. Louis", Atlanta, GA
Sep 27 - Theresa (Ms. Tee) Jones, Detroit Rhythmic Rollers, Detroit, MI
Sep 27 - Hosea, Northwest Rollers, Baltimore, MD
Sep 29 - Michelle Wilson (Slim-Tall Drink)
Sep 29 - Kent A.K. Fresh, 704 Flyy Boyz, Charlotte, NC
Sep 29 - Tiffany aka "Sista Souljah", Fam Affair, Orlando, FL
Sep 30 - Andre "Drizzy" Poe, Columbus, OH
Sep 30 - Slyvella "Sly" Davis, Ohio Originators, Columbus, OH
Sep 30 - Mr. G, FunkySkatesProductions, ATL/NY

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