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Orlando Roll Bounce
POSTED 10.19.14

ORLANDO, FL – Hey skaters in Orlando and surrounding areas!  Looking for a good place to roll on a regular?  Check out Orlando Roll Bounce every 1st , 3rd and 5th Saturday of the month at Universal Skating Center.  Music provided by KRG Productions.  Skaters must be 18 or older to attend.
Orlando Roll Bounce

New Party Announcement
Octoberfest Skate Jam
POSTED 10.14.14

BALTIMORE, MD – Are you ready to roll?  Wear your Gold and Black to the 2014 Octoberfest Skate Jam hosted by the Low Riderz Skate Club, Saturday October 25 at Shake and Bake.  There will be a free buffet, door prizes, giveaways and more. Music provided by DJ Jammin of Jersey/Philly and DJ Double A of Baltimore/DC. Admission is $10 in advance and $14 at the door.
Octoberfest Skate Jam

1st Friday Gobble Gobble Skate Party
POSTED 10.13.14

CAMDEN, NJ – It’s that time of year again but this time, dessert comes before dinner.  Join Ms. Netta “The Whistle Blower” at the Gobble Gobble Skate Party, Friday, November 7.  Mark your calendar now because if you have been to this event before, you know it is usually hosted AFTER Thanksgiving.  The party starts at 11:00 PM and goes until 3:00 am.  Music will be provided by DJ Jammin.  Admission is only $10 per person and includes the dessert buffet.
Gobble Gobble Skate Party

Icy Hot Skate Jam - 10th Anniversary
POSTED 10.11.14

COLUMBUS, OH – Come and celebrate with Skateology as they host their 10th Anniversary Icy Hot Skate Jam, February 5-7, 2015 at Skate Zone 71 in Columbus.  Three smokin’ hot nights of skating to the sounds of DJ Keifer B (CBus), DJ Big Bert (LA), DJ Hop (CBus), DJ Derrick (CBus), with DJ Narsistic (CBus) and DJ Spin (ATL) rounding up at the main event.  Thursday is the warm up with half price admission for out-of-towners, Friday there will be bowling and a Mixer Skate jam following that night.  Saturday is the “Hot Spot” dance party at the host hotel followed by the main event.  Admission is $13 in advance, $16 at the door and $35 after 2:00 AM so get there early!
Icy Hot Skate Jam

Thanksgiving Skate Jam
POSTED 10.6.14

ROSEVILLE, CA – Hey Sacramento! You asked for it and we are going to give it to you. It’s the first annual Thanksgiving Skate Jam at Roller King and everyone who wants to roll is invited!  Gobble down that Thanksgiving meal and then head to the rink to roll from 7:30 PM until 10:30 PM.  Admission is $12 with skates.  So come and work that Turkey off 
Thanksgiving Skate Jam

Fall Roll Fest 2014
POSTED 9.15.14

KANSAS CITY, MO – The STL Rollers are hosting their annual Fall Roll Fest, November 7-8 at the Winnwood Skate Center in Kansas City.  Roll Friday and Saturday with DJ Joe Bowen and DJ Slim.  Saturday afternoon Bowl for Soul at Ranch Bowl with DJ Mz. Tone and DJ Bigg Kidd Kodak.  Discounts for advance tickets, more at the door. 
Fall Roll Fest 2014

4th Annual AJAX Skate Jam
POSTED 9.14.14

ATLANTA, GA – Coming to ATL April 2015, it’s the 4th Annual AJAX Skate Jam.  Three nights of skating and a weekend of fun while being entertained by DJ Jammin, DJ Wildchild, DJ Warlock, DJ Cypher, DJ Soulnificent, DJ Arson and DJ Brian.  Take your pick or pick them all and roll at SkateTowne and Sparkles.  Check the ad for details about admission and hotel discounts.
4th Annual AJAX Skate Jam

Tampa Soul Roll Invitational 2015
POSTED 9.13.14

TAMPA, FL –  Hot sun, palm trees, beaches and lots of fun – in the wintertime!  Start preparing now for your mid-winter get-away-from-the-snow vacation.  The Tampa Rollers invite you to join them for a roll at the First Annual Tampa Soul Roll Invitational, January 16-18, 2015.  The weekend includes a Meet and Greet at Gametime, and fun at Rowlett Park, Hogan’s Beach and two nights of skating.  Make your hotel reservations now before the group rate ends.
Tampa Soul Roll


October 25, Cleveland, OH
Creep and Roll Skate Jam

October 25, Detroit, MI
12th Annual Skate-O-Ween

October 25, Baltimore, MD
Octoberfest Skate Jam

November 7, Camden, NJ
Gobble Gobble Skate Party

Weekly & Monthly Jamz

Weekly Jamz
FL: 1st, 3rd, 5th Sat
GA: Sparkles

Monthly Jamz
IL: 4th Sat
MD: 2nd & 4th Sun
NC: 1st Sat

8th Annual Creep and Roll Skate Jam

CLEVELAND, OH – Mom, Pop, Lisa and The Ohio Skaters are hosting their 8th annual Creep and Roll Skate Jam.  Saturday, October 25, roll with the national skate family at the Pla-Mor Skating Rink.  Music will be provided by the infamous DJ Wiz (yes, he’s baaaaack!) and DJ Keifer B of Ohio.  There will be a 50/50 raffle and a free food buffet.  Admission is only $10 and skates must be 18 or older to attend.

12th Annual Skate-O-Ween

DETROIT, MI – Do you know where you can get a good Thanksgiving meal a month in advance during Halloween?  The 12th Annual Skate-O-Ween hosted by the Detroit Rhythmic Rollers.  Saturday, October 25, roll at the Skatin Station in Canton wearing your best Halloween costume and enjoy a delicious buffet.  The party starts at 11:30 PM and goes until 4:30 AM.  Music provided by DJ Ken Smallz and DJ 2Hype.  Admission is $14 in advance and $16 at the door.

Karim Akram
Springfield, OH

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Oct 16 - Eugene, Temple Hills Skating Center
Oct 17 - Jules DeShazor Thomas, Philly, PA (Big 3-0!)
Oct 17 – “Pretty Nikki”, Jacksonville, FL
Oct 18 - Everett Mims, Brooklyn, NY
Oct 21 - Cedrick "Ceddy Bear" Harrell - Detroit, MI


Oct 21, 2005 - Angela Simmons- Hill (Pooh) and Luther (YounggunLou) Hill of Louisville, KY will be celebrating 9 years of marriage.

Nov 2 - Michelle "Bright-Eyes" Harper, RWOM, Memphis, TN
Nov 2 - Racquel Ms. Peaches-(VaSkateConn.), Norfolk, VA
Nov 4 - Marilyn Moore, Silver and Gold, Unlimited
Nov 7 - William (Quietstorm b.k.a. E-Tap) Tapley, Lebanon, TN
Nov 10 - "The Sk8 Dr." Damon Garrett
Nov 10  - Donna Miller, Roosevelt, NY
Nov 11 - Ice from Philly
Nov 11 - Lady CeCe, NY
Nov 13 – Freelo, Butterflys-N-Unity, DC/MD
Nov 18 - Donny K, DNice Entertainment, TX bwo MI/Chi
Nov 18 - Carey Hairston
Nov 19 - Mr. Lee Knowz, Skate 22, NJ
Nov 20 - Treva "1st Lady" Backus / JB Inc., Little Rock, AR
Nov 20 – Brian “One Time” Dickerson, Pearlers of Distinction, President, Columbus, OH
Nov 21 - Ricky "9th wonder" Cager / JB Bootcamp, Baltimore, MD
Nov 21 - Devine Clayton, ATL bwo Philly
Nov 23 - Amanda Christy, ATL
Nov 24 – Baby, Butterflys-N-Unity, DC/MD
Nov 25 – Quintin “Lil Daddy” Collins, Texarkana, AR
Nov 27 - Tiffany "Youngin" Warfield, Low Riderz, Baltimore, MD
Nov 28 – Nino, Butterflys-N-Unity, DC/MD

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