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Message to Skaters

Help Mike Johnson get his Roll Bounce Back
POSTED 4.6.14

BROOKLYN, NY – There is no need to ask those who have been around on the skate scene for a while, who is Mike Johnson.  His style and finesse on eights is quite amazing.  He has been an inspiration to the roller skating community for over 30 years and as a close friend of the infamous Bill Butler, he is just as legendary. 

Right now, Mike is in need of support from the skate family.  He is down right now but his closest friends and skate family is sending out calls for help to get Mike back on his eights.  In early 2013, Mike was admitted to a hospital in New Jersey, later being diagnosed with Bacterial Pneumonia.  He was released after two stays but still not 100%.  He was unable to care for himself and his condition turned critical with a return trip in January 2014 to the ICU where they discovered kidney failure and he has been hospitalized ever since.

Mike is a private contractor and therefore without insurance.  He will need private care, hospitalization and rehabilitation for several months and therefore in need of financial assistance.  Vickie Conti is doing what she can to help Mike but she cannot do it by herself and needs all of our help.  She has created a GoFundMe account on the Internet.  If you have any donation you can spare, please visit the site at to submit your donation.  You can leave your name or make an anonymous donation.  No amount is too small.  Let’s come together as a community and do what we can for Mike.

- Desi

New Party

Rolling with Da Dynasty
POSTED 4.16.14

CAMDEN, NJ – Enjoy Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey all in one weekend!  Sisters Expressing Integrity is hosting their Rolling with Da Dynasty event, July 11-13, 2014.  Friday, July 11, come to the Meet, Greet and Eat at Ms. Tootsies Restaurant in Philly then roll at Millennium Skate World in Camden with DJ Arson and DJ Jammin.  Saturday, join the carpool to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom before getting on the bus heading to Brooklyn’s own, DJ Big Bob’s 60th Birthday Bash in New York. 
Rolling with The Dynasty

6th Annual Skating Extravaganza:
"Rollin' For Our Troops"
POSTED 4.12.14

NASHVILLE, TN – The Quad Dymez of Nashville would like to invite the skate family to the 6th Annual Skating Extravaganza, July 25-27, 2014.  This event will feature a Meet and Greet with Game Time, a warm up skate, a Cookout & Hangout Saturday afternoon, followed by the main event, “Skating at the Drop of a Dyme”.  Make sure you wear your camouflage and represent your favorite branch of the military on Friday night.  DJ Jay Biz and DJ Brian will be providing the music.
Rollin' for our Troops

First Annual Sin City Skate Jam
POSTED 4.8.14

LAS VEGAS, NV – What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!  Come and have a roll at the First Annual Sin City Skate Jam.  October 31 and November 1, 2014, enjoy a stay at the Luxor Hotel, meet and greet skate family around the country and roll to the sounds of DJ Narsistic and DJ Joe Bowen.
Sin City Skate Jam

First Annual Skate Warz
POSTED 4.7.14

ORLANDO, FL – The Rollin Assassins and Noizy Boi Entertainment have come together to host a skate extravaganza.  Start planning now to attend the First Annual Skate Warz:  Show up and Show Out Skate Extravaganza and Showcase.  The weekend includes a Showcase Skate competition with three well-known skate legends as judges:  Bill Jamma Butler, Joi Sk8-A-Thon and Mr. Rollerdance himself, Rich Humphrey.  Celebrity MC “Bow Wow” of “Roll Bounce” and “106 and Park” will be the emcee for the evening.  There will also be a Meet and Greet, a Roast/Cookout/Pool Party, a 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, a warm up event: “Polos, Pumps & Pink” and The Main Event Skate Showcase.  Music will be provided by DJ Joe Bowen and DJ Arson.  The contest entry deadline is June 20, 2014.  The United Skates Documentary will be filming live.  Don’t miss it, book your hotel room now.
Skate Warz

Tale of 2 Cities Skate Jam
POSTED 3.8.14

CLEVELAND, OH – It is the best of Cleveland, it is the best of Chicago, it is the rolling of coasters, it is the rolling of 8 wheels, it is the epoch of a great party, it is the epoch of exhaustion at 5 AM. . . you have everything before you  . . . so get ready to roll.  June 27-28, 2014, pack your skates, hula skirts and your courage and head to Cleveland for a weekend of Roller Coaster and Roller Skating fun.  The C-Land Freesylers and Chi-Force have joined together to host the “Tale of Two Cities” 9th Annual Skate Jam.  Music will be provided by DJ Narsistic of CBus.  A cash prize will be given to the largest uniformed club.
Tale of Two Cities

10th Annual Texas Skate Jam
POSTED 3.7.14

DALLAS, TX – The Dallas Showtime Rollers are celebrating 10 years of hosting their summertime event.  June 13-15 join them in the Big D to roll for three nights to the sounds of DJ Wild Child and DJ Soul Train.  The weekend’s event will include a Meet and Greet with a dance in the banquet hall, dress code “All White”.  Reserved seating is available.
Texas Skate Jam

STL Summer Sk8 Jam
POSTED 3.7.14

ST. LOUIS, MO – June 20-21, come to St. Louis and roll at the 3rd Annual STL Summer Skate Jam.  Friday night, music will be provided by DJ Joe Bowen, admission is $10.  Saturday night roll to the sounds of DJ Big Bob, admission is $12.  Book your hotel now and get the great rate of $89 per night.
STL Summer Skate Jam

4th Annual Summer Skate Explosion
POSTED 3.5.14

BALTIMORE, MD – Are you ready for a hot weekend in July?  July 25-27, Lavish Live Entertainment and Melomane Inc. invite you to roll all weekend long at the 4th Annual Summer Skate Explosion.  Kick it off at the Meet and Greet on Friday at the Host Hotel.  Then later, warm it up at “The Prequel” from midnight to 4 AM.  Saturday lets Rock and Bowl at Shake and Bake from 4 PM to 8 PM.  “The Sequel”, the main event, starts that evening at midnight featuring music by DJ Soulnificent, DJ Jammin and DJ Flash.  A buffet will be served and there will be raffles and give-aways.  Hang around Sunday for “The Finale” from 8 PM until Midnight with DJ JB.
Summer Skate Explosion

2nd Annual One Stop in the Rock
POSTED 2.23.14

LITTLE ROCK, AR – JB Inc. would like to invite all skaters to make a One Stop in the Rock, that’s Little Rock.  June 6-7, 2014 roll to the sounds of DJ Soul Train, DJ Jay Biz and DJ Joe Bowen all weekend long.  The weekend includes a meet and greet, a warm up skate, a cookout and the main event on Saturday night.
One Stop in the Rock

8th Annual Stride or Die Skate Jam
POSTED 2.20.14

DAYTON, OH – Coming this summer to the Gem City, it’s the 8th Annual Stride or Die Skate Jam hosted by the Gen City Striders.  Start off the weekend on Friday with a Chicken and Fish Fry Skate Jam at Orbit Fun Center.  Admission is $12 in advance and includes one chicken or fish basket.  Additional meals are sold for $5.  Then on Saturday, have fun at Scene 75 where you can play arcade games, Laser Tag, Blacklight Mini Golf, 4-D Theatres and more.  Saturday night is the main event at the Stride or Die Skate jam featuring Ohio’s own DJ Narsistic and DJ Keifer B. Admission is $12 in advance, $14 at the door.
Stride or Die Skate Jam

5th Annual Shodown in Seatown
POSTED 2.13.14

SEATTLE, WA – Visit the town of the Superbowl Champion Seattle Seahawks and get a good roll in whle you are there. Friday July 25 through Sunday July 27, jam to the sounds of Seattle's own DJ Sketch and DJ Legacy at Pattisons West. Out-of-town skaters are also invited to join the locals and roll in the Torchlight Parade as it passes throudh downtown Seattle. This event has an estimated 300,000 spectators and will be televised.
Showdown in Sea Town

Spring Bling Skate Jam
POSTED 2.11.14

YOUNGSTOWN, OH – May 17, the Pittsburgh Steel City Rollers would like to invite all skaters out the 2014 Spring Bling Skate Jam.  Meet up with your fellow skate family at the Meet and Greet at Camelot Lanes.  Then Saturday night, roll with Ohio’s Own DJ Narsistic from 11:00 PM until 4:00 AM.  Admission is only $15 and a food buffet will be served until it’s all gone.
Spring Bling Skate Jam

Miami VIP Memorial Day Skate Jam
POSTED 2.2.14

MIAMI, FL – Enjoy the Florida sunshine this Memorial Day weekend at the Miami VIP Memorial Day Skate Jam, May 23-25, 2014.  Early Birds meet Friday at the Hard Rock Café to party with the skate family.  Saturday skate, eat and enjoy the sun at South Beach followed by skating Saturday night at Galaxy Skateway with DJ Joe Bowen and DJ Tone of Chicago.  Sunday, wrap the weekend up with a picnic on the beach from noon until 5 p.m. and then the main skate event with DJ Arson and DJ Joe Bowen from midnight until 4:00 a.m.
Miami VIP Skate Jam


April 25-27, Baltimore, MD
Low Riderz 6th Year Anniversary

April 25-26, St. Louis, MO
19th Annual Super Skating Extravaganza

April 25-27, Atlanta, GA
AJAX Skate Jam

May 9-10, Richmond, VA
5th Annual All Sweat Weekend

May 17, Youngstown, OH
8th Annual Spring Bling Skate Jam

Weekly & Monthly Jamz

Weekly Jamz
GA: Sparkles

Monthly Jamz
IL: 4th Sat
MD: 2nd & 4th Sun

NC: 1st Sat


Low Riderz 6th Anniversary Skate

BALTIMORE, MD – Have a good time with the Low Riderz as they host their 6th Anniversary Skate Party weekend, April 25-27, 2014.  Guests will have the opportunity to dance, bowl and of course, skate among other activities all weekend long.  Friday come to the Meet and Greet Dance with DJ Flash.  Saturday, bring the family to Shake and Bake for hours of bowling fun.  Saturday night, the main event is on at Shake and Bake with DJs Jammin, JB and Nile.  Free food will be available, wear your black and blue.  Sunday night, wrap up the weekend with the Sunday Night Roll by DJ JB.
Low Riders 6th Anniversary Skate


19th Annual Super Skating Extravaganza

ST. LOUIS, MO – It’s 19 years strong . . . The Super Skating Extravaganza, hosted by the St. Louis Skills on Wheels is right around the corner.  Friday, April 26 is the late night meet and greet skate at Coachlite Skating Center from 11 PM until 3 AM. Then on Saturday, enjoy yourself at the infamous STL meet and greet at the Dellwood Recreation Center for a full afternoon of activities including a workshop, bull riding, table tennis, foosball, pool, hula hoops, limbo and more.  That’s just the warm up!  Saturday night roll at the main event at Skate King Roller Rink from Midnight to 5 am featuring DJ Joe Bowen.
19th Annual Super Skating Extravaganza

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Apr 10 - Daryl "DemoD", Columbus, OH
Apr 10 – Troy Myree, Cincinnati, OH
Apr 12 – Darlene Washington, Pittsburgh Steel City Rollers, Pittsburgh, PA
Apr 14 - Wesley "Wes Jiggs" Jones, Jr., President, Crowd Cutta Productions, Columbus, OH
Apr 15 - Easter aka "Spicy-E", Columbus, Finest, Columbus, OH
Apr 15 - Ms. Lisa, Ohio Skaters, Akron, OH
Apr 15 - Felicia “Bambi” Fluitt, Brooklyn, New York
Apr 17 - Loretta Cobb, VA Skate Connection, Hampton, VA
Apr 17 – Toni “Tot”, Kansas City. MO
Apr 18 - Tony "Big Body" Watson, Columbus, OH
Apr 18 - Nina Watson, Columbus, OH
Apr 18 – Rose Bean, Dynasty Rollers, Baltimore, MD
Apr 19 – Patrice aka “Sparkle”, Louisville, KY
Apr 20 - Dee, Nashville Quad Dymes, Nashville, TN
Apr 20 – DJ Storman Norman, DC/MD/VA
Apr 22 - Tiffany, Branch Brook Park, NY-NJ
Apr 23 - Mr. Neal "Freaky Deaky" Artis, Skate Freaks, NC
Apr 23 - Baby DJ, Nashville Quad Dymes, Nashville, TN
Apr 24 - Phelicia Wright, Los Angeles, CA
Apr 25 - Wanda, Branch Brook Park, NY-NJ
Apr 25 - Daryl "D-Mac" McNeil of Mil-Town Rollers, Milwaukee, WI
Apr 26 - Lauretta Lawrence, Branch Brook Park, NY-NJ
Apr 26 - Dre MJ Thomas, Branch Brook Park, NY-NJ
Apr 27 - Lance Hull, Baton Rouge, LA
Apr 28 - April “N2SK8N” Major, Skateking, St. Louis, MO
Apr 29 - Margaret "Killer", Branch Brook Park, NY-NJ
Apr 30 - Myles "Chilly-Mac" McPherson¸Ohio Legends, Huber Heights, OH

May 1 - Charlene (Winky) Demby, Unique Rollers, Delaware, Tri-State Area
May 1 - Darrell "Jokey" Martin, Vice President, Crowd Cutta Productions, Columbus, OH
May 2 – Andrea “Moneymaker”, Tampa, FL
May 3 - Edward "Speedy" James, Virginia Skater BWO Michigan
May 4 - Lauren "Pooh" Carden, Tri State Area, South Jersey, 21st Bday
May 9 - Tammi "Dark Chocolate" Williams, Cincinnati, OH
May 10 - Sharnell "Ms. Charm, DMV
May 11 - Anthony "Tee" Baker, Rock Town, Hell on Wheels
May 13 – Tom White, Pittsburgh Steel City Rollers, Pittsburgh, PA
May 14 - Joanne Fountaine, Prescious Productions
May 17 – Kendra Davis, Flint, MI
May 17 – Shakiyla Smith, Decatur¸GA
May 17- DaLisa Ball, As The Wheels Turn Skate Club, Oakland, CA
May 16 - Dawn Hilton, Jus Sk8, New Jersey
May 18 - Delores Donald, NSC Freestyle Rollers
May 19 - Michael Moss, Skateology, Columbus, OH
May 19 - Miss Cookie, DC/MDC
May 20 - Tanisha Davidson, Master Rollers, DC/MD
May 20 - Stich, Ruff Rollerz, DC/MD
May 21 - Jeanette J.L Littlejohn, Indianapolis, IN
May 21 – Milo, Louisville, KY
May 23 - Ebony Hood VA Skate Connection, Hampton, VA
May 23 - Brandi "Fancy" Christia, Richmond, VA
May 24 - Marcial Wiggins, aka Mouse, Diamond State Rollers, Wilmington, DE
May 28 - Shawn Lo-Key Lawhorn, Skateology, Columbus, OH
May 31 - Marsha Cepeda "Heaven on Wheels", North Jersey
May 31 - Khannie Butler, The Scenario, Philly, PA
May 31 - Chel SoChic Mason, Jacksonville, FL

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